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Bring Out Your Kitchen’s Style with Caesarstone®, Edmonton!

You've searched all over for the perfect type of countertop; you love marble and other natural stone tops for their classic beauty, but the high prices and tendency to chip, crack and stain mean they’re not the perfect option for you. Then you discover Caesarstone®.

You're Going to Love Your Caesarstone, Edmonton

As a quartz surface, Caesarstone® has all the attractive qualities of stone countertops, but is more versatile, durable and resistant against bacteria. Available in a dream palette of colours and styles, Caesarstone® will look amazing in your kitchen, bathroom or office. Since Caesarstone® is engineered from stone, binders and pigments, the possibilities are truly endless. And, unlike natural stone, you won’t have to worry about chipping, or resealing your countertops year after year.

To the delight of our many clients, PF Custom Countertops has installed Caesarstone® in Edmonton homes, businesses and offices. Caesarstone® is amazingly flexible and looks great on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, as wall panelling or custom-made furniture.

Get Inspired by Caesarstone at Our Edmonton Showroom

Having Caesarstone® installed in your home or commercial space is easy — call PF Custom Countertops or visit our Edmonton countertop showroom to learn more!


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