A wooden tile floor paired with a speckled white countertop in Edmonton

Why Coordinate Your Counters and Floor Tiles?

Are you an interior design aficionado or a kitchen fashionista? Yes, those are real things, and if you relate—then you understand what it means to have a kitchen that blends all your favourite style choices into one neat package.

Different people have different style ideas for their kitchen counters, but coordination is usually a huge factor in the overall look of your space. Some people absolutely love the contrast between kitchen counters and their flooring choices, while others need it all to blend together perfectly. No matter what your preference, it’s important to make a decision that you can live with and be proud of! While replacing your floor and countertops is usually one of the first things you do during a remodel, most people don’t have the funds to remodel every few years. If you are happy with the cabinets in your home, replacing just the countertops and flooring can create a whole new look for your kitchen. Make sure you find something that’s going to last and that you love looking at for longer than six months.

Kitchen Design Matters More than You Think

Your kitchen is referred to as the heart of your home. This idea places no small amount of importance on designing the perfect space for your friends and family. Whether it’s to gather over a meal or to share those meaningful discussions that you’ll remember for years to come, your kitchen needs to be as warm and inviting as possible. It’s a place for making memories, and part of these memories will include the overall design and style choices.
So, what should you choose first—your countertops or your floor tiles?

Your floor tiles may take a daily beating, but your countertops will need to be the focus of your first design choices. Whether you choose granite countertops, natural stone, marble, quartz, solid surface or even laminate materials, you’ll need to find a product that can stand up to your daily needs. Your countertop is going to come in contact with food and experience a lot more use than your tile flooring. This means that it takes a higher priority in kitchen design.

Tips for Improving Your Floor and Countertop Coordination 

There are a few basic rules that can help improve your kitchen or bathroom floor and countertop marriage:

• Choose one pattern. If you choose a countertop that has marbling or any type of pattern on it, then the rest of your kitchen will need to be fairly solid coloured. The colours can match or contrast, but they need to respect the pattern. The same goes for choosing a flooring tile that has any type of design on it. It’s very easy to create a space that is too busy or visually chaotic.
• Use a piece of art or some sort of design addition to meld two patterns together should you choose to include more than one. This is absolutely necessary to create a cohesive space.
• Hardwood can go with anything. Whether you’re choosing butcher block countertops or wood flooring, it’s much easier to pair a wood design with a pattern than it is to choose two specifically patterned tiles or countertops.

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