What Is Cultured Granite?

In need of new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom in Edmonton? PF Custom Countertops offers a huge variety of styles, looks and materials to consider. Whether you have a particular look in mind or are open to ideas about the look and feel of your space, our team of design professionals can help you find the right surface for your counters.

Cultured granite is a lesser known material option for your counters that could be great for your Edmonton home’s countertops. Read on to learn more about this unique material that can provide a great finish and durable surfaces in your home, that fit within your budget.

Why Cultured Granite Might Be Right for Your Countertops in Alberta

Cultured granite may not be the first material that comes to mind when you make a shortlist of materials, whether you were considering solid surface countertops to begin with, or you originally had the more traditional granite countertops in mind. Here’s what you need to know about this material and a few reasons it could be the right choice for your space:

  • Engineered Stone: Created in a facility, this solid surface is manufactured by grinding and blending 95% natural stone, typically quartz, and 5% resin. This manufactured alternative boasts impressive durability. It is heavy, strong and nearly impossible to chip. If you enjoy low maintenance cleaning, cultured granite is also a great choice. Simply wipe clean and don’t worry about stains as the material is not porous.
  • Great Style and Finishes: While the look is natural, it is more uniform and consistent than natural stone. Colours and patterns are created and therefore, more predictable. Design input may also be possible when selecting engineered stone.
  • Affordable Pricing: Most people won’t be able to detect the difference between cultured granite and natural counters without close inspection.

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