What Finish Should I Choose for My Marble Countertop?

There are a lot of ways to customize marble countertops. Besides the colour of the slab and the shape of the edge, you can also choose the finish of the stone. The finish you select will affect the look and performance of the slab you use. Here’s what you should know before making your choice.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Common Finishes

The most common finishes for marble countertops are honed, polished and leather.

• Honed marble is created by sanding and grinding the stone until it’s smooth and flat. The matte look is accompanied by a soft, almost powdery feel to the surface. Honed stone is perfect for homeowners looking to create an old-world feel in their kitchen. This finish won’t show scratches and flaws like polished surfaces but is more susceptible to stains because the process leaves the pores more as compared to other finishes.

• Polished marble is ground, buffed and polished to create a highly-reflective surface. Great for showing the colour and veining of the slab, this finish is also the least porous of the options, meaning it won’t stain as much as other choices. On the other hand, scratches, etching and fingerprints are more visible on polished surfaces, so extra care and cleaning is required to keep it looking pristine.

• Leathered marble is characterized by a textured surface that mimics the look of leather. It has more depth than a honed surface but lacks the gloss and shine of polished marble. The process also closes the pores of the stone, making it less likely to stain than a honed surface. Furthermore, the texture effectively hides imperfections, scratches and fingerprints more than polished countertops.

Caring for Your Marble Countertop

No matter what finish you choose for your new marble countertop, it’s important to remember that natural stone is porous and needs special care to maintain its beauty. Apply a sealant periodically to seal the stone and help prevent stains. Wash it regularly using soap and water, avoiding abrasive cleaners. Finally, acids will permanently etch the surface of the stone, so keep lemon, vinegar, wine and other acidic substances away from your countertop

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