Granite and Radon: Are You at Risk?

There has been recent concern about the level of radon emitting from granite, leading homeowners to question the use of granite surfaces in their homes. If you have them already or you are thinking of purchasing granite countertops in Edmonton, you will want to know whether they are safe to have in your home. The clear answer to that question is YES. Your home and family will not be at risk of radon emission from granite countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the home.

All natural products, including stones and minerals, contain trace amounts of radioactive elements, known as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). These minerals produce certain amounts of radiation and at times, radon gas. While the science does state that stone emits radon, you do not have anything to fear with granite countertops and other stone products in your home. You are NOT at risk of radiation from these surfaces.

Granite Countertops in Alberta - Are They Safe?

There are two ways granite or any other stone may emit any type of radiation:

1. Releasing tiny amounts of radioactive gases, radon, which can be breathed in
2. Direct radiation from the surface

The radiation emitted in both situations is from the same natural process: decay in the natural radioactive elements. When you compare the measurable amount of radon that emits from a stone surface (especially compared to other sources of radon inside and outside of the home), the radioactivity from granite surfaces is almost non-existent. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

There are plenty of other sources that emit more radon in and outside of your home than countertops. For example, soil around your home, public water supplies or even the outdoor air.

What the Health Department Has to Say about Granite and Radon

Radon is created from the natural decay of uranium, which is found in rock. Granite used to create commercial products, such as countertops, contains various amounts of uranium. At this time, Health Canada has determined that the main source of radon in a home comes from soil around it, not from the countertops inside. Health Canada also completed their own study in February 2010 where they examined 33 different types of granite and found no significant levels of radon being emitted.

You are exposed to radiation daily via many other sources (and in more copious amounts) rather than your countertops. Granite is safe, reliable and adds value to your home.

Now that you know the facts, you can ignore the ugly rumors about granite posing a health risk. If you are ready to add granite to your Edmonton home, consult with a company that carries high-quality granite and other natural stone countertop surfaces.

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