Trendy and Practical Design Styles for Countertops

Countertops are the backbone of a kitchen. Not only do they reflect your personal style and enhance your décor, they are also a major part of the infrastructure you require for your daily meal preparations. Therefore, having practical yet trendy countertops can make a huge difference to the comfort and convenience you experience in your kitchen.

The styles and trends of kitchen countertops have been evolving over the years and much experimentation has taken place in the industry with different materials. Here are 10 countertop design styles that can help enhance the look of your kitchen:

Thin Countertops
Today, many people deeply believe in the philosophy of “less is more”. The same goes for kitchen countertops as well. Modern décor trends are now leaning towards thinner and sleek countertops of about ¾”inch in thickness. These low-profile countertops look absolutely chic and urban, and give your kitchen a trendy uplift.

Thick Slab Countertops
Who said conventional styles have gone out of fashion? Although thin slabs make a chic style statement, thick slab countertops are bold and stand out beautifully in any kitchen. Thicker countertops range from 3 to 5 inches in thickness and give a stately and grand feel to the place.

Playing with Colours
Colours add life and brightness to the kitchen. Getting a countertop with solid bold colours like orange, yellow or lime green will certainly give a vibrant feel to your kitchen. Try contrasting the countertop colours with your cabinetry to make them stand out and pop into view.

Veining and Patterns
To add a bit of character to your kitchen, consider installing patterned countertops. Nowadays, quartz countertops are designed to look like natural stone, such as marble or granite. The slabs are created with interesting swirls and veins to boost the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Add Some Curves
For a more soft and homely feel, many people today go for curved countertops. These contemporary countertops make the kitchen look cozier and more inviting.

Wrapped Countertops
Another very popular and growing trend is the wrapped countertop look, commonly referred to as a waterfall panel. The material is used to cover the tops and side surfaces of the kitchen cabinetry to give a sleek, wrapped look. With contrasting cabinetry colors, these countertops add a visual appeal to any kitchen.

Combination Countertops
For a customized and stunning feel, use combination countertops in your kitchen. You can use two separate materials to distinguish specific areas of your kitchen. For instance, you can have a stainless-steel countertop for one area of the kitchen while the rest of the space can be surfaced with marble countertops.

Kitchen Sinks
Instead of having a separate sink that stands out on your countertop, the raging new trend is to have an integrated kitchen sink that is made using the same material as the countertop, and is a part of it. These sinks seamlessly blend into the countertop and make it easy to clean and maintain the surface area.

Floating Countertops
For a stylish and upbeat look, many people opt for floating countertops. These are either raised slabs resting on strong supports or are attached to a wall to give an impressive stand-alone look.

Mute Countertops
While some people love bold popping colours, mute, softer tones are still in style. You can get a variety of softer shades in granite countertops.

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