3 Tips for Cleaning Marble Bathroom Counters

Cleaning your countertops won’t be the highlight of your week, but the right tips and techniques can make the process go faster and last longer. You want to extend the life of your countertops finishes and keep your room looking beautiful. If you have marble counters, tile surfaces, and other tough-to-clean areas in your bathroom, choosing the right products is important. Follow the tips below and contact the experts at PF Custom Countertops to find out more about how you can care for your new marble countertops in Edmonton.

Our counter experts are passionate about helping you make your living space as beautiful as possible, from choosing the right materials to properly maintaining your countertops. No matter what surface is right for your space and habits, we can help you find the best option from our huge selection.

How to Care for Your Marble Countertops in Edmonton

Work with these 3 tips for clean, gorgeous, and long-lasting marble counters in your bathroom or other areas of your home:

  • Selection – The type and color of the marble determines specific cleaning requirements. It comes earlier in the process and may be too late for some homeowners, but proper selection will pay off every single day when you use your bathroom. Match existing features and consider cost, but also note that marble countertops and other surfaces can be very absorbent. This soft stone is susceptible to taking on the colour of hair dyes and can be damaged by acidic beauty products or soaps. Choose wisely and perform tests before committing to counters. If you love the look, but not properties, consider quartz countertops as an alternative in Edmonton. The new quartz patterns are stunning, imitating natures color and patterning.
  • Sealant – Make cleaning much easier when properly sealed. Choose a product very carefully and only use specialized products that are designed for application on your countertops. The sealant will provide added protection from mildew, grime, oils, and water-based stains, making regular cleaning much simpler. While sealers prevent moisture from entering your marble, they do not prevent etching of the polished surface, so use care when using cleaners with an acidic or vinegar base. Sealant is important for white marble, in Carrara or Calacatta styles, that may be prone to rusting from iron deposits that are present in the rock.
  • Techniques – Etching is a more common issue than staining when it comes to marble surfaces. Etching occurs when something acidic is left on the surface. If you are not conscientious about the products you keep or spills on the surface of your counters, it can lead to permanent damage. Wipe quickly and often to avoid issues. When it comes time to clean, avoid lemon, vinegar, and other acidic-based cleaning products. Mild soap and water is the best, safest, and most effective way to keep your counters looking great. Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and rinse for a clean bathroom.

Marble Stone Countertops in Edmonton

PF Custom Countertops provides custom surfaces for residents of Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. Our experienced professionals can guide you through the selection of your countertops. Contact us for natural, marble stone countertops, granite, laminate countertops, and quartz counters.

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