The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop

Whether small or large, the kitchen is usually the hub of the home. You not only cook and entertain in this space, but also spend most of your family time here. While remodeling the entire kitchen is always an exciting project, sometimes even a minor change can give your favourite space an interesting makeover. Here’s the tricky part - if changing thekitchen countertops is on your list, choosing new ones is going to be tougher than you imagined!

The sheer range of options in materials, colours, patterns and durability can make countertop choices a tad overwhelming. Your trusted Alberta expert, PF Custom Countertops has years of experience in this area. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you make an informed choice, best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Here are some useful tips when you are looking for that ideal surface to create a gorgeous kitchen.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Countertop
Before you look at the wide variety of countertop materials, narrow down your choices by evaluating these aspects:
• How long do you plan on living in this home?
• What kind of cabinetry and appliances do you use at present, or will eventually upgrade to?
• What features are more important for your current lifestyle? Stain resistance, heat resistance, easy maintenance, strength and durability, design and aesthetic appeal?
• How much are you willing to spend?

Now read up our handy guide on the various surfaces and their key features:

• Quartz: There’s a reason it is called engineered stone - quartz is created from stone chips, resins, and pigments. It is a perfect choice for high activity areas. You can choose from a wide range of vibrant colours and styles that look very similar to natural stone. This material is waterproof, so if you want to pair it with a stylish sink that is under-mounted, you will have made a great choice. Quartz is resistant to spills, heat and nicks and is relatively low maintenance. However, at times, the patterns in the stone appear a little artificial or unnatural, and the edges of this surface are prone to chipping. Consider opting for rounded edges for your classy quartz countertop.
• Laminate: This material is crafted from putting together layers of resin impregnated paper, topped off with a decorative colour layer and a melamine coating to protect the surface. You will find this offered in many patterns and colours. Laminate surfaces are an inexpensive and easy to clean option. They also offer fairly strong resistance to stains and heat, as well as impact. However, they are can be prone to water seepage at seam locations which can eventually weaken the material, so care should be taken to wipe up spills as they occur. Laminate countertops are also susceptible to scratches and nicks which cannot be easily repaired. If you choose this surface, go for textured finishes that offer a good cover for any flaws compared to the flat finishes.
• Granite: A natural material, every slab of this stone is unique. Granite countertops are ultra-durable and ideal for heavily used areas. The surface is sleek and versatile, and resists spills, hot pots, and knives. However, if its edges and corners chip, they can be repaired only by professionals. It also requires periodic sealing for stain protection, as the stone itself is porous.
• Solid Surfacing: Combining polyester or acrylic resins with mineral fillers, solid surfacing offers lively colours, modern finishes and minimal maintenance. This is an expensive material, but it can be used for countertops, around the sink and also for an interesting backsplash. The surface is waterproof and offers good resistance to heat and impact. While you may find that it can get nicked and scratched, you should be able to buff and repair minor issues.

New Countertops for Your Home in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and St. Albert Areas
Update your kitchen with beautiful new surfaces from PF Custom Countertops. Visit our Edmonton showroom to check out a wide range of materials, including granite, marble, stone surfacing and laminate. Our experienced staff will help you choose the ideal material to achieve your design goals.

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