Simple Tips for Cleaning Hard Water Stains from Your Edmonton Granite Countertops

Stains can make your otherwise gorgeous kitchen countertops appear outdated, dirty, and unappealing. If you struggle to keep your granite countertops in Edmonton free from stains, especially those caused by your local hard water, consider the following tips. If you are ready for a different look for your kitchen or bathroom and are interested in exploring other options such as natural stone or marble, turn to the professionals at PF Custom Countertops. We can walk you through the required maintenance, best look, and budget for different options in our huge variety of materials and styles.

3 Pieces of Advice to Remove Hard Water Stains from Granite and Marble Countertops
Luckily, stone counters involve relatively little in terms of cleaning and maintenance. If you have granite counters or marble surfaces in your home, use these straightforward methods for saying goodbye to unsightly and damaging stains.

Here are three tips to keep your marble or granite clean and clear:

• Avoid Harsh Cleaners – There are specially formulated cleaners available to cut through hard water stains. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are too harsh and caustic to be used on your natural stone countertops. Find a cleaning product that is designed specifically for these surfaces to avoid causing more damage in your efforts to clean up.
• Be Patient – For hard water stains, especially those that have formed over a period of time, a little patience and elbow grease will be required. Take a plastic scraping tool to get the crusted and more developed deposits out of the way first. Once the bulk of the build-up has been removed, you can use the special spray and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Once settled, scrub to remove the remaining residue.
• Avoid Natural Cleaners – While the natural route is becoming a preferred option for many homeowners, parents, and environmentally-conscious individuals, the natural products are often equally harmful to granite surfaces. Vinegar is too acidic and bleach or hydrogen peroxide are also too harsh.

Edmonton Granite Countertops
PF Custom Countertops can provide assistance determining the best style of countertops and help you maintain them for years to come. We offer a huge variety of granite countertops, natural stone, laminate countertops, and quartz for a final result that combines aesthetics and easy upkeep. Contact us for more advice to care for your counters. Tell us more about your countertops or new renovations in Edmonton, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, and Sherwood Park.

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