Points to Consider when Choosing Countertop Materials

When thinking of upgrading countertops at home, the biggest dilemma one faces is choosing the right material. There are several things to consider such as durability of the material, cost, installation expense, nature of use; all this without having to compromise the décor, appeal and overall appearance of your home.

Here are a few important and useful tips to help you choose a countertop that best suits your needs:

Set a Budget
It is very easy to go over the line when you fall head over heels in love with a particular type of material. To keep your temptations from getting the best of you, take a professional approach. Measure the dimensions of your countertop space and calculate the square footage of the surface by multiplying the length with the width. This will help you estimate how much material will be required for your home project.
You can now window shop online or in-store and survey the materials and their costs to see which countertop materials fall within your budget.

Sample a Model Countertop
You can go online and play around with design tools to get an idea of how varied materials will look in your home and whether they will complement your current décor. However, it is extremely important to also look at the materials in person.
When you visit a store, the person assisting you might show you small samples of the materials they have on sale. It might be difficult to picture your entire kitchen countertop just by looking at a small sample. To better envision your future kitchen or bathroom countertop, ask the salesperson to show you different model kitchens. This way, you will be able to judge the veining and colour of different materials on a larger surface.

Sink Installation
There are two kinds of sink installations. The top-mounting installation goes well with all kinds of countertop materials and the sink is simply fixed over the counter. In contrast, the under-mounting installation requires the sink to be fixed under the countertop. For under-mounted sinks, it is best to choose a material that is waterproof, such as natural stone, quartz, solid surfacing, concrete, or stainless steel.

A Quick Countertop Evaluation
Below is a quick evaluation of the most popular and widely used countertop materials:
Granite Countertops – If you want to indulge and have a budget for it, these natural stone countertops would be an amazing addition to your home. The material is elegant and strong, and is heat and scratch resistant.
Marble Countertops – With a wide variety of spectacular veining and colours, these countertops will definitely enhance the beauty of your home. The material is heat resistant but can easily scratch and be damaged by harsh chemicals.
Quartz Countertops – Available in a variety of patterns, textures, colours, and finishes, you can find one that best matches your home décor. The material is extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and heat, and is easy to maintain. Most quartz materials also have manufacturer warrantees.

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