Material Options for Countertops in Your Home

There are plenty of options available to homeowners when renovating their space. Kitchen and bathroom countertops alone can lead to so many choices and decisions that it will make your head spin. If you are trying to choose the right material for countertops in your home, use this handy guide or contact the experts at PF Custom Countertops to find out more and get assistance picking the perfect counters for your home, budget, lifestyle and design sensibilities.

Considerations for Choosing a Countertop Material

It can be helpful to focus on your current lifestyle, space and needs, and then start narrowing down which countertop material options are best for you. Consider the following as you make your decision:

  • Lifestyle – If you prefer low-maintenance finishes and know you won’t be able to keep up with a regular maintenance routine to keep your counters looking and functioning properly, it’s best to take that into account early on. Don’t sacrifice the longevity of your investment because you chose the wrong material for your lifestyle. For example, quartz counters are practically maintenance-free. Marble is prone to staining because of its porous surface, so think twice if you have a family that is prone to spills.
  • Location – If the countertop will be in the kitchen, consider how quickly you can clean up spills. Granite requires regular sealing and spills should be cleaned promptly to avoid staining. If you use hot hair styling tools in the bathroom, keep in mind that laminate is not heat-resistant, but wood and granite are.
  • Budget – Natural materials carry a larger price tag but can offer durability and increased value to your home down the road. Consider your current budget and factor in maintenance costs. Granite, quartz and marble are more expensive options, while solid surface and laminate offer more affordable alternatives that can replicate the look of natural materials.

Find Your Perfect Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops in Edmonton

The team at PF Countertops offers you a variety of countertop materials and finishes to choose from. With years of experience and passion for finding your perfect countertops, we can point you towards the material that combines the look, price and function you need in your home. Our range of options from granite to marble to solid surface and laminate countertops means you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

Call PF Custom Countertops toll-free at 888-484-0831 to find out more about our custom bathroom or kitchen countertops in Edmonton. You can also contact us online with any questions about countertops.

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