An Edmonton kitchen with a kitchen island that has a stove top

Kitchen Islands with a Stove Top? Yes Please!

Entertaining is great fun; but is it really when you’re spending half the party hunched over your far-removed stove? Everyone wants to offer guests the best possible menu options, but this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your socializing time to cook. This is where a kitchen island stovetop can be downright lifechanging. No, for many of us, that’s not an exaggeration.

When you truly love cooking, you can’t ever have enough kitchen appliances. When you love entertaining, you can’t ever have enough kitchen…period. See a correlation here? The problem comes when you spend most of the party with your back to your guests. This leaves them to fend for themselves and leaves you feeling the sting of “bad host guilt.” Avoiding this is as simple as investing in the kitchen island stove top and opening yourself up to a whole new world of cooking socialization!

A Kitchen Island Education

What can you do when you don’t have to spend your time in a veritable cooking cave? So much! There are so many things you can do with your guests when you can cook with them instead of being relegated to the far corners of your kitchen, like:

• Fondues and group cooking projects
• Potluck dinners that involve multiple chefs
• Wine and cooking classes you find online (so much fun)!
• Include yourself in the conversation and catch up with old friends
• Do taste tests and try experimental recipes with friends
• Share in spiced ciders or wines
• Let the kids get a cursory cooking education with active adult supervision

Think of a kitchen island stove like a surround sound cooking experience. People can gather around the area and participate in the process. There’s nothing that brings people together faster than good food and even better conversation. Having multiple cooking angles makes this a hands-on activity instead of just a passive interest.

Whether you have an existing kitchen island, or you want to put in a new one, this project has so many incredible benefits. Upgrading or adding a kitchen island means:

• More storage space
• A customized kitchen layout
• More appliance opportunities
• A better entertaining platform
• More counter space
• A larger area to showcase your gorgeous countertop materials
• Another excuse to update or redesign your kitchen area (who doesn’t love this)!
• Another cooking surface that can allow you to diversify your larger cooking projects

If you aren’t convinced yet, then take a moment to consider your current kitchen layout. If there is room for an island, you are doing yourself and your kitchen a disservice by ignoring the possibilities.

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