Inspiring First Impressions for Your Office or Commercial Premises

When employees, customers or potential clients enter your office premises, one of the first things that draws their attention is the reception desk and the person behind it. Apart from how they are greeted and attended to, the design and layout of the reception area can create a lasting impression. In fact, for first-time visitors who don’t necessarily see the rest of your office space, the front office is the face of your business.

While visitors wait at your office reception, they tend to notice the décor, branding, stationery and even the countertops of the front desk. Does your office manage to impress your visitors, suppliers and clients or does it need an upgrade? Ask yourself whether:
• The reception area effectively communicates your corporate values, financial stability, and confidence?
• The entrance area exudes a positive, welcoming vibe?
• The design and décor of your premises is in alignment with your brand or business goals?

Whether the premises in question belong to a law office, a dental clinic, a spa, an accounting firm, a large industrial complex, or any other corporate office, here are some tips for an inspiring reception area.

Create an Attractive Front Office
As an owner, property manager or purchaser, if you are considering a revamp of your office reception, it is best to rely on the expertise of professionals. Bring in an interior designer, architect or high-end contractor for valuable inputs on the presentation and functionality of your front office.

• Layout and Design: Experienced designers understand the nature of your business, and the activities that take place at the reception. They can accordingly advise you on layouts or designs that are most conducive to the flow of visitors here. This could include pointers on how to place your furniture, where to keep refreshments or water fountains, and where to install your corporate logos and branding material.
• Furniture: Interior designers can suggest appropriate furniture based on the type and number of visitors your business attracts. For example, if you receive plenty of children or seniors in your premises, then your priority may be comfortable furniture that caters to their needs. If there is a high traffic of visitors in and out of your office, the durability of your furniture may be an important consideration during the upgrade. High-end contractors can also bring in their own carpenters to custom-build furniture catering to your precise requirements.
• Furnishings: Your reception’s furnishings may be based on a theme that is most suited to the type of business you conduct. The décor could include plants, art and art installations, feature walls, lights and light fixtures, drapes or blinds, and other elements that resonate well with your brand and clients. A professional designer can help you make the right choices to improve your office design and aesthetic appeal.

While you are revamping the entrance area, check whether your reception desk’s existing countertop is warm, welcoming and functional. This space sees the maximum usage within your entire front office. Your visitors stand at this counter for a range of activities, including making enquiries or payments, filling forms or documents, or collecting and delivering packages. At such times, you want a surface that is smooth and elegant, and creates a lasting impression. Depending on the typical usage, you may have to choose from features such as durability, maintenance, stain or scratch resistance, glossy or matt finishes, and bold or understated designs.

New Countertops for Your Office or Commercial Premises in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and St. Albert Areas
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