How to Properly Clean Soap and Oil from Your Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops are breathtaking, add functionality, and improve your home’s value. To take advantage of this, you need to maintain those countertops.

With frequent use, it is easy for soap and oil residue to build up on the surface. Once these take hold, your countertops that were once so shiny you could see your reflection, are now dim and dull. Once the gunk build up takes hold, you need to buckle down and do some deep cleaning


The type of cleaning you use on these delicate surfaces is not the same as removing dirt from your grout. In fact, it takes a gentle hand and a little patience.

The Do’s and Do Not’s for Cleaning Your Natural Stone Countertops
Before your break out the bleach and your elbow grease, remind yourself that you are dealing with a natural stone countertop, not ceramic tile. Caring for these surfaces is different and requires a gentler touch. It may also need the use of products you might not expect would get the job done.

Here is what the team at PF Custom Countertops recommends for cleaning up your natural stone and making it shine as good as new:
• Seal First: Never clean natural stone if it is not sealed. While it might not be as porous, it still can quickly soak up the soap and water, and even increase the chances for mould and mildew. You can check the seal by dropping a few droplets of water on the surface. If in a few minutes the stone soaks it up, you need a fresh seal before cleaning.
• Put Away Scrub Brushes and Harsh Cleansers: While we say you need elbow grease, we mean your hands, not the harshest cleaners and scrub brushes you can find. Acidic cleaners, vinegar, and even etching materials will cause permanent damage to your stone. Instead, the only cleaning products you need are warm water and mild dish soap, which makes it also budget-friendly to clean natural stone.
• Pick the Right Cloth: A smooth microfibre cloth is perfect for the job because it will buff away the residue, but keep from etching the surface.
• Sanitize the Right Way: Once your granite or natural stone is sealed, you do not have to worry about bacteria. If you accidentally place raw chicken on the counter, there is no need to bleach it. Instead, use hot water and dish soap to wash it away. If the idea of germs floating on the surface makes you queasy, then you can mix 50:50 solutions of water and isopropyl alcohol; again, no bleach. Spray your mix on the counter, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe away. As a bonus, the alcohol will polish and make your counter shine.
• Do Not Forget Daily Care: To avoid excess build-up, wipe down your countertops with a damp, clean cloth and dry them with a microfibre cloth every evening or after a spill. It will save you the hassle of having to do extra work on the weekends – and make your kitchen look brand new year-round.

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