How to Pick Your Kitchen Remodel Sink and Faucet

You have picked out the countertops, selected your new cabinets, but now you are on the finishing touches.

While you might not think much about a place you toss dirty dishes into, your sink and faucet play a crucial role in finishing your remodel, and they can make or break your kitchen design. Therefore, take some time and explore your options before just picking out the first faucet you see online or in-store.

Tips for Picking Out Sinks and Faucets that Complement Your CountertopsToday, you have many exciting options when it comes to your sinks and faucets. By considering your countertops, colour scheme, and overall design, you can pick the perfect finish for your new kitchen.

If you find yourself stuck, follow these tips for picking out your faucet and sink:
• Consider the Countertop Material: Certain sinks go better with some surfaces. For Stone or Solid Surface materials, under mount sinks are a popular choice. Laminate tops traditionally use a surface mount application, but there are under mount options available as well.
• Your Pattern of Use: If you are the type that likes to toss your items into the sink and forget, and you are rough with your sink, opt for something that is durable and will not break your dishes. Cast iron with enamel is beautiful, but can also easily break delicate dishes. Stainless steel is more forgiving when you drop an item into the sink, compared to other materials.
• Size and Style: Double bowl kitchen sinks were designed initially for handwashing. Today most dishes go from the sink to the dishwasher; therefore, you do not need a double bowl sink unless you want one. Consider one oversized bowl instead of the double bowls or one large bowl with a small side bowl. For the farmhouse kitchen, an apron-front is best, which has the apron exposed upfront. For a more modern kitchen, an undermount could be the answer.
• Cleaning: Undermount and overmount kitchen sinks both have gaps that you need to clean and reseal. However, an overmount makes it harder to clean because you cannot just wipe into the sink directly from the countertop. Depending on how much fine cleaning you like to do, you may prefer the ease of an undermount.
Materials: Stainless steel sinks are still the most common sink is use today, but you are not limited to that. There are engineered stone options in both surface and under mount applications, and solid acylic counters have the option of using a fused sink of the same material for a truly seamless installation.
• Faucets: Faucets come in everything from stainless steel to brushed nickel and bronze. Pick a finish on your faucet that complements the finish in your kitchen remodel; including drawer pulls and appliances. When it comes to style, you also want a faucet that completes the sink and look of your remodel; and realize that the faucet style is all about your personal preference. One word of caution: avoid brass materials. Brass, while beautiful, is not ideal for a high-use faucet.

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