How to Pick the Right Sink and Faucet to Complement Your New Countertops

You have gone through most of the renovations, and now it is time to add your final touches. The granite countertops for your Sherwood Park home have been ordered, but what about your sink and faucet? The right sink and faucet can make your renovation design look really classy and cohesive. Do not discount the importance of picking out the right fixtures for an excellent finish.

Tips for Pairing Your Sink and Faucet with Your Quartz Countertops in Edmonton Renovations

A renovation does not have to break the budget, but there are certain high-end finishes you cannot skimp on. One of those is the sink and faucet. These items are used daily, and often become the centre of your final kitchen design.

To ensure you pick a winning pair, here are a few items to consider:

  • Technology - Technology with faucets has certainly improved. Today, faucets can turn on themselves with the wave of your hand, and lever bodies are no longer crammed off to the side. Consider the technological aspects just as much as aesthetics. For example, do you want a pull-out faucet for easier rinsing? A motion-sensor faucet so that you do not dirty the handles? Red, blue and green lights to signal water temperature? You can have all this and more!
  • Finishes - Certain finishes on a faucet will pair better with certain kinds of Marble countertops in Edmonton homes are better suited for stainless steel, matte black, or brushed chrome. A natural stone countertop in St. Albert homes, on the other hand, might benefit from pewter or glacier finishes. Furthermore, granite countertops complement oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and brushed chrome.
  • Sink Installation - Your sink’s installation and style matter too. You can choose from above-mount, under-mount, and apron sinks. Apron styles are perfect for kitchens, and they offer more room than other styles. What’s more, they look great with almost any type of countertop.
  • Material - Consider the material of your sink carefully. Today you have plenty of options, including stainless steel, ceramic, glass, cast iron, and granite. Consider the use and overall style. A traditional, sophisticated kitchen, for example, looks best with granite, ceramic or cast iron. A modern kitchen might use glass or stainless steel.

Complement Your Counters with the Perfect Sink and Faucet Duo

When you are finding those finishing touches for your kitchen remodel, come to our showroom at PF Custom Countertops. Our sales professionals can help you pick out the perfect sink and faucet duo to go with your budget and design preference. If you purchased your counters from us, we already know what the best options might be and you can save time deciding what faucets and sink to buy.

PF Custom Countertops offers an impressive assortment of sinks, faucets, and counter surfaces (including quartz) countertops in Edmonton, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and surrounding areas. Contact us online or call us at 888-484-0831.

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