How to Maintain a Butcher Block Counter

Butcher block countertops add a touch of rustic charm that makes any kitchen feel warm and welcoming. While they’re relatively low maintenance, they do require some upkeep to continue looking great. Putting in the work will maximize your butcher block’s lifespan and ensure that this affordable addition to your kitchen lasts you for years to come.

Stain Removal

Even your best efforts aren’t always enough to keep stains at bay. Sanding is the most effective method of stain removal, but it should only be used as a last resort.

First, try sprinkling salt over the affected area and rubbing it in with a lemon. If this fails to remove the stain, wait until it’s dry then scrub with vinegar or dish soap. If this still doesn’t work, it may be time to try gently sanding it. Note that the sanded area will appear lighter, but it should blend back in with the rest of the countertop in a couple of months. After sanding, clean the area with a damp cloth, then apply wax to reseal it.

Protect Your Countertops with Mineral Oil

Oiling your countertops will keep them from drying out, in addition to stopping them from absorbing water that would otherwise stain or warp the surface. Mineral oil is the best choice because it’s food-safe and won’t go rancid like culinary oils such as vegetable or olive oil would. Simply pour liberal amounts of mineral oil over the entire surface of your countertop and leave it to soak for approximately half an hour. Then you can wipe down the surface to remove any excess oil. For best results, do this once a month.

Daily Maintenance

Your butcher block countertop doesn’t require much daily maintenance to keep in pristine condition. Using a damp sponge and mild dish soap will usually be enough to keep it clean. Do so immediately after preparing food so that stains don’t have the chance to develop. It’s as easy as that!

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