How to Keep Granite Looking New and Beautiful

Granite is a gorgeous choice for any countertop. It is elegant in a way that truly adds to the aesthetic value of any room. This material is also durable, so it will endure for a long time. Granite does not require a great amount of maintenance, which makes it a solid choice for many households.

While this material is relatively low maintenance, it does require some knowledgeable care. Over time, cleaning agents and residue can accumulate on the surface. Acidic substances can also cause granite to look dull.

Revitalize the Appearance of Your Granite Countertops in Sherwood Park
You can protect your granite by using pH-balanced cleaners that help to prevent acid etching. However, normal wear and tear may eventually lead to a lacklustre surface. If your countertop has become dull with use and time, you can take action to restore its lustrous beauty. Here are 4 ways to improve the look of your granite countertop:

1. Acetone – When your countertop manifests the accumulation of residue from soap, oil, grease, or other substances, the surface can become devoid of shine. In such cases, water and an ordinary cleaning agent may not be enough. However, the application of acetone can remove the residue and make the granite look brilliant and new once again. To apply acetone to your countertop, simply rub it on the granite with a soft cloth. Then, rinse off the solvent with warm water. Before you apply any solvent or powder, be sure that you check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your particular product.
2. Polish – Polishing the surface with powder can be effective under certain circumstances. Mild to moderate surface etching from acidic substances may cause the countertop to appear dull. When that is the case, polishing powder can work wonders to restore a lacklustre surface. The powder is gentle, but it is also abrasive enough to eradicate stains, residue, and some scratches. To apply the powder, first prepare it by mixing it with enough water to form a paste. Then, rub it on the countertop with a felt pad. You will need to check the label of the powder product you use, as it might be intended specifically for dark or light granite.
3. Refinishing – Your granite countertop may stand to benefit from being refinished. When deep etching results in much fading, refinishing could be the best option. Refinishing or re-polishing is done with special equipment, and it is generally best to have a professional perform this job.
4. Resealing – When the sealer coat is etched, you can reseal the counter to restore its shine. The installer or manufacturer should be able to recommend a sealer product. Apply the sealer slowly and evenly with a spray bottle or cloth. You may apply up to four coats of the sealer product for optimal protection and shine. Doing this as required will help to keep the granite from fading.

Natural Stone Countertops Add an Element of Beauty to Your Edmonton Home
Natural stone countertops, such as those made from granite, make an elegant addition to any home. You can keep your countertops looking their best with a little routine maintenance. At PF Custom Countertops, we offer an extensive range of granite, marble, and quartz countertops, so do not hesitate to stop by and see us soon.

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