How to Choose a Countertop for Your Bathroom Remodel

Your vanity countertop should be functional and beautiful, providing both a durable surface and a focal point that ties your bathroom esthetic together. This is why choosing the right type is so crucial. Here are some materials commonly used for bathroom countertops and what you should know about them.


A popular option for kitchen counters as well as bathroom vanities, granite will likely look great while increasing resale value. It’s a tough material that’ll withstand years of use and thanks to the wide range of colours available, it can match with almost any faucet and sink design. Plus, granite comes in many grades, with entry-level varieties being quite affordable, meaning you don’t need to break the bank if you want a granite countertop. However, note that it needs to be regularly sealed to repel grease, which may be present in cosmetics, hair products and other products found in bathrooms.


Similar to granite, marble is a very popular and luxurious option. Available in light and dark hues, it can complement a wide variety of designs and will instantly add an air of elegance to any bathroom. The downsides are that it’s one of the pricier options and it tends to be easy to stain.


This type of engineered stone offers the colour range of granite with increased consistency, allowing for a more finely tuned design. One of the biggest advantages of engineered stone of this kind is that it’s entirely non-porous, so there’s no need to seal it. And, while prolonged exposure to high heat will likely damage the resins in the composite stone, these countertops can handle occasional contact with heated styling tools like curling irons without a problem.


Low-cost and flexible, laminate comes in many different colours and patterns and can even mimic the look of natural stone countertops. It’s a common material for bathroom remodels because it stands up to water and is fairly stain resistant. However, it can’t handle heat well and will dent and get dull over time.

Butcher Block

Wood countertops are very trendy, but if you want to use them in the bathroom, you’ll need to treat them, so they don’t rot from the intense humidity. In addition, butcher block countertops are typically thicker than normal, meaning you might need custom-fitted plumbing.

Top of the Line Bathroom Countertops

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