A custom granite countertop in a modern Edmonton bathroom

Granite Countertops – An Ideal Investment for Your Bathroom Remodels

As you ponder over the finishing touches for your bathroom remodel, one detail you must choose wisely is your bathroom countertops. Nowadays, you’ll find that they come in a variety of materials and finishes, but granite countertops might be the better investment when you consider the long-term returns and benefits of this natural stone.

Granite countertops are one of the top choices for high-end remodels and for a good reason. While it does mean a higher upfront investment, you could save yourself the costs and hassles of repair or replacement for many years. 

5 Surprising Reasons to Choose Granite for Your Bathroom

It is quite likely that you have heard of the usual reasons to choose granite over other natural stone (i.e., it is tough or improves home value, etc.). While these are good reasons to select granite, here are five others that might surprise you:

1. Granite Countertops Might Prevent Illnesses: Granite is a beautiful material, and it does not breed bacteria. If you keep the surface appropriately sealed and disinfect it weekly along with your regular cleaning, your countertop will not harbour bacteria; which means, fewer germs lingering around your bathroom to make you and your family sick.

2. Maintenance is Easier than You Think: Granite, when installed and sealed correctly, resists stains, water damage, and bacteria. It makes cleaning up soap, water and even spilled toothpaste a breeze. You may need a re-seal occasionally depending on how heavily used your countertops are, but this can be done with a solution from your local hardware store or by a professional.

3. Granite Lasts: Granite, when properly maintained, can last your home 30 years or more.

4. Designed for High Traffic and Heavy Use: Granite is durable, which makes it ideal for bathrooms. With proper care it is resistant to chipping, scratching, and cracking; therefore, you can put it in a heavily used guest bathroom and not worry about damage. 

5. Granite Improves Resale Value: You have heard that granite improves your home value, but do you know how? The reason granite enhances value is not because of the cost upfront, but because of the aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility. When a potential buyer sees granite installed in bathrooms, they are more willing to pay your asking price; which makes selling your home for the amount you want easier. 

Add Aesthetics and Long-Term Returns to Your Home

See the breathtaking span of options in granite countertops by visiting the PF Custom Countertops’ showroom. On display, you see granite bathroom countertops in action, and you can explore the different edges available to customize your remodel further.
The team at PF Custom Countertops can suggest ideas to transform your bathroom and give you something you can enjoy for years. 

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