An Edmonton butcher block countertop

Exploring the Newest Trend: Butcher Block Kitchens

You may have seen beautifully rendered photographs of kitchens with thick wooden countertops that shine like well oiled floors. You may have even seen a rougher version of this showing off the natural beauty of wood grain. If you have, then you have been introduced to one of the hottest new trends in counter materials: the butcher block countertop.

Originally, butcher block countertops were used on kitchen islands or as an addition to a larger area. Recently, savvy design aficionados have started to expand on this idea and include butcher block countertops on all their surfaces. PF Custom Countertops has been following the latest and greatest ideas in kitchen design and can help you get the natural wood look you want.

What Is a Butcher Block Countertop?

When we think of countertops, most of us immediately think of granite, marble, quartz, natural stone, or laminate materials. The thick slabs of wood used to create the butcher block look aren’t something we usually associate with every surface of our kitchen. Some designers still recommend that butcher block countertops only be used in areas without constant exposure to moisture, as the wood can be porous, and this creates a need for more frequent maintenance. It’s true, butcher block countertops will have the following features:
  • Materials: Crafted using hardwoods like cherry, walnut, oak, maple, or a combination of several.
  • Styles: Butcher block countertops are made using either an end grain or edge grain construction—with the end grain being the stronger of the two.
  • Finish: The wood will be finished using either drying oils, non-drying oils, paraffin or beeswax.
This is a countertop that requires a serious dedication to kitchen maintenance and a love of natural hardwoods. While the butcher block style is strong and beautiful, it also needs regular sanding and refinishing with extended use. This is a labor of love, and the original countertops can last for decades when properly cared for.

Understanding Your Style Intentions

Different styles and decor ideas really require that countertops complement them. The butcher block countertop is particularly popular right now because of the strong comeback made by organic decor. People are looking for softer lines and warmer colors with minimalist features and the clean look. The natural wood countertops bring something extra to a room that’s already acting as the heart of your home. Polished hard woods have a way of bringing classic and modern together in a beautiful marriage of design and usability.Dedicated chefs swear by butcher block prep areas, and the ability to refinish them helps them to stay looking like new year after year. You can visit our Edmonton showroom for more ideas on the evolution of natural design, and to see if a butcher block kitchen might be suitable for you. Contact us online or toll free at 1-888-484-0831 for more design ideas in the Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, and Alberta areas. PF Custom Countertops has what you need to make cutting edge design choices that will work for you.
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