Expert Ideas on Remodeling Your Small Kitchen in Alberta

Not too many of us are blessed with a large, lavish kitchen. Most often, we find ourselves two-stepping around a cramped conglomeration of cabinets, appliances, and seating area. It is hard to enjoy a useful kitchen triangle when it is more of a traffic jam. Why dream of a new, more massive kitchen with the second mortgage when a few well-chosen options can revive your tired culinary room?

At PF Custom Countertops, we do more than build custom counters. Visit our showroom and find thousands of options for recreating a room you genuinely enjoy cooking in. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect countertops made from granite, quartz, laminate, marble or even natural stone. We can assist you with locating the best material and provide expert advice.

Simple Suggestions to Make Your Small Kitchen Shine
Scour all the home magazines, and you will find pages abounding with ideas. We have collected a few tips to get you started. If you need additional solutions, reach out to our knowledgeable staff. They are happy to help.

• Reduce the clutter: One of the simplest things you can do is to get rid of as much extra “stuff” as you can from your cabinets and counters.
• Opt for light colours: White cabinets with contrasting dark countertops give you a sleek look while opening up the room. You might try white walls with dark cabinets and counters. It adds some pizzazz to a tiny room.
• Brighten the floors: If you are lightening up the cabinets, consider doing the same with the floor to create the illusion of space.
• Utilize every inch of space: You need every bit of space you can muster. Look for ways to tuck away small appliances in the cabinet or by utilizing an appliance garage. Consider a pot rack to free up room for your other dishes.
• Put in a small-scale island: Instead of cramming a table and chairs in the corner, an island offers additional surface space for cooking and eating.
• Knock down a wall: If there is an extra wall blocking the view, tear it down. Opening up space provides an opportunity for additional entertaining while cooking.
• Choose sinks that integrate a drain board: This saves space from having to lug out a dish drainer from below the sink.
• Add a backsplash: Dress up dull walls with added texture and interest from a well-thought out backsplash.

Find Your Muse in Your Small Kitchen in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and St. Albert
Dress up your small kitchen and get cooking again. Visit our showroom for inspiration from the many colours, finishes, and options. We have samples of customized granite countertops by CORIAN. We come alongside and ask the right questions to spark your creativity. Ready for a custom countertop? Our team can develop customized work surfaces like wood and marble. You will love our high standards displayed in your remodeled kitchen.

Visit our Edmonton showroom or call us toll-free at 888-484-0831. You can also contact us online to discuss your small kitchen requirements.

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