Exciting Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2018 to Watch

Thinking of doing a remodel in 2018? If you are, you want to look at the trends of 2018 and see which might suit the new look for your kitchen. From farmhouse décor to splashes of bold colours, these trends in 2018 are more than worth keeping an eye on. 

What are the Trends for Kitchen Remodels in 2018?
Kitchen remodel trends come and go like fashion. One year it is all about the industrial style, while the next year it is about sleek and sexy contemporary kitchens.

So, what will 2018 have in store for you? Here is what the team at PF Custom Countertops predicts for 2018:
• Colour Trends Go Neutral with Bold Accents: Colour can set the tone of your kitchen design. In 2018, more neutral tones will appear, including charcoal, black accents, sage green, and tan colours paired with bold choices like deep blues and intense oranges. Natural hues will also play a role, like copper, ginger, terracotta accents, and green tones that reflect the wilderness.
• Dark Floors and Bright Countertops: More kitchens will make a statement with dark flooring, including espresso stains and ebony accents with white and bright countertops, such as marble countertops.
• Variations of Greige: Instead of going with the traditional grey hues, more kitchens will use variations of greige, including blue-grey undertones or green-grey tones.
• Metal Accents: For that farmhouse style, more kitchens will incorporate stainless steel and copper accents alongside traditional marble countertops or granite countertop surfaces.
• Dark Cabinetry with Neutral Countertops: You will see darker cabinetry throughout the entire kitchen design, including red and blue cabinets paired with white, grey, or tan countertop surfaces.
• Waterfall Countertops: Waterfall countertops were once exclusive to the contemporary kitchen design, but more traditional and industrial-style kitchens will also use waterfall designs. Waterfalls will include the conventional granite, quartz, and marble, and also soapstone and limestone.
• Urban Rustic Styles: There is something about combining two ends of the spectrum, and 2018 will see urbaner rustic styles that combine the contemporary look of urban kitchens with the cozy appeal of a rustic farmhouse kitchen. To pull it off, more kitchens will have butcher block countertops, white walls and clean finishes, and unique material combinations.

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