Could Your Kitchen Dramatically Improve Just by Upgrading the Countertops?

Sometimes a kitchen does not need a full renovation. In fact, quite often, all a kitchen requires is an update to the countertops. 

Countertops play a central role in room aesthetics, and the right granite countertops in Sherwood Park residences can create a look of refinement and elegance. Most importantly, they can take an old kitchen and make it suitable for modern times.

4 Ways Upgrading to Natural Stone or Marble Countertops in Edmonton Helps Your Home’s Appeal
Certain varieties of countertops may add value to your home, improve aesthetics, and even make your kitchen more functional. Some are resistant to stains, which makes them easy to maintain. Others are delicate but add timeless beauty and appeal.

If your kitchen has outdated laminate, chipped stone surfaces, or an old variety of weathered tile, you can benefit from upgrading to natural stone countertops in Fort Saskatchewan:
• Natural Stone is Beautiful - Natural stone countertops in St. Albert homes are beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant. There are dozens of colours and patterns to choose from too, so you can find one that suits your kitchen’s current colour and style. Also note that no two slabs of stone are the same, so your surface will be unique.
• It is the More Affordable Option - While stone surfaces cost money up front, they save you the cost of a full kitchen renovation. Instead of spending $20,000 or more on a new kitchen, you may only pay $1,000 to $5,000 on countertops. Granite, for example, has become very affordable and prices have dropped dramatically, making it a popular choice even on tight budgets.
• Easy to Clean - Compared to old laminate or tile surfaces, the stone countertop is easier to clean, and if you opt for quartz counters, you get a hygienic option that resists germs and bacteria.
• Highly Durable - Tile and outdated laminate surfaces tend to chip, fade, and crack. They will warp under heat, and eventually lose their shine. Stone surfaces, on the other hand, are incredibly strong and durable.

Are you ready to see how dramatically you can change your kitchen with a simple countertop upgrade?

Whether you are considering granite, marble, or quartz countertops in Edmonton and surrounding areas, make PF Custom Countertops your first stop.

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