Could Butcher Block Countertops be What Your Home Needs?

Butcher blocks are refined, warm, and rustic all wrapped up into a single package. Not only are they easily acquired, but they will not increase your renovation budget like natural stone countertops.

If you are looking for something outside of the realm of marble, stone, and granite countertops for your Sherwood Park, Edmonton, or surrounding city home, butcher block could be the answer.

The Pros and Cons of Butcher Block Countertops
Butcher block countertops are made from cuts of durable wood that are then sealed together to create a flawless, thick slab. The countertop itself is sturdy and makes for a great work surface.

If you are considering butcher block counters, here are a few things to consider first:
• Versatile: Whether you deck the entire kitchen in butcher block or you use the material as an accent for your centre island, butcher block is quite versatile in terms of design. It also comes in various types, including edge grain, face grain, and end grain. Edge grain is the most common, and quite affordable. Face grain is delicate and not as suitable on high traffic kitchen countertops. End grain is made from small blocks arranged together to make the surface, and is by far the strongest type; but also the most expensive.
• No Sealing Required: Unlike natural stone, butcher block countertops use unsealed, oil-finished wood. Every six months or so, you must oil the countertops to protect the wood, depending on the material in your butcher block.
• Sand Away Imperfections: Minor imperfections like cuts, burns, and surface damages can gently be removed with a fine sandpaper before re-oiling.
• Various Materials: There is not just one type of wood for these countertops. In fact, you can choose from Red Oak, Maple, Ash, and Black Walnut. You can also choose your colour so that it suits your kitchen atmosphere, like using Black Walnut for a dark brown finish and Ash for a light wooden finish.
• Excellent Work Surface: If you are the type of kitchen gourmand with expensive cutlery, then you will enjoy having a butcher block. It is gentler on those expensive blades, and you get more work out of your knives when cutting on the surface of butcher block countertops.
• Reclaimed Wood: While back in the day, reclaimed wood was not an option, more manufacturers are offering reclaimed wood for those who want recycled and eco-friendly materials inside their home. 

Get Your Butcher Blocks in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert and Surrounding Cities Today
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