An eased edge of a custom countertop in Edmonton

Choosing the Best Edge for Your Granite or Quartz Countertop

There are certain elements that have a way of making our designs pop. Those eye-catching essentials that can change a bland room into something memorable and elegant. It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what it is that transforms the space, but it can be as small as a subtle colour accent, an additional texture, or the softening of a harsh line.

True professionals understand that the real personality of every room is best relayed in the way that the details are accentuated. In the kitchen, this extra design element can be found in the edge that you choose for your granite or quartz countertop. This can set these countertops apart from the rough-hewn look of natural stone materials, or the simplicity of laminate. If the edge of your kitchen countertops isn’t something you’ve considered before, it may be time to do some research on custom design ideas.

Understanding Your Options

There are a number of ways to edge your countertops, including:

• Bevel Top: This uses a sharp cut to soften the overall view of the countertops, drawing the eye to the mid-point in the kitchen.

• Bullnose: For kitchens made to feel warmer and more immediately inviting, using the rounded bullnose edges can make a softer statement. There are different degrees of bullnose edges, and you may need to play with the design a bit to get the look that you want.

• Traditional Ogee Edge: The concave round cut of the ogee edge is fantastic for classical or more formal kitchen designs.

• Eased: The softened square look of an eased edge can add an upscale look to smaller sized kitchens, and can match any kitchen design.

• Ogee Over Bullnose: The best of both worlds! Taking the warmth and inviting feel of the bullnose edge and pairing it with the classical/ formal look of the traditional ogee edge.

• Round Top: Simple and soft. This edge is rounded on top and flat on the bottom for a classic countertop look.

Each one has the ability to change the focal point of your kitchen in a unique way, and making an informed decision is the key to a cohesive style. There are also ways to mix and match countertop edges depending on the location of each countertop and its intended purpose. Asking for professional advice can provide you with all your available options.

Setting Your Design Plans in Motion

Choosing what works for you can be as simple as a visit to PF Custom Countertops’ Edmonton showroom to see the different edges in action. Our professionals can give you useful insights into the choices we offer and help to take the mystery out of the decision.

PF Custom Countertops understands design and can help you bring your dream kitchen to life using unique and high-quality materials. We have a wide selection of granite countertops, marble countertops, natural stone countertops, quartz countertops and laminate countertops.Contact us online or call us toll free in Alberta at 1-888-484-0831 for more information on countertop edge options in the Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan and St. Albert areas.
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