Add Some ‘Edge’ to Your Granite Countertops in Alberta

Paying close attention to the details of every element in your kitchen renovation project is key to achieving a happy ending. All of the small details, like your backsplash, faucets and hardware, must come together in order to give you a spectacular finished look. In addition, there is one other important component that homeowners often tend to overlook – the edge profile of your natural stone or laminate countertops in Edmonton.

Here are a number of decorative edge options to consider when choosing your countertops:

Stone Countertops:

  • Eased Edge – Our most common edge, square without being shard. It provides a modern simple look that works well with Shaker style cabinet doors.
  • Round Top – Another modern style that is simple but soft to the touch. Rounded on the top and eased on the bottom… It closely resembles our most popular laminate profile waterfall.
  • Bevel Edge – A striking linear design that provides strong vertical lines to a kitchen. Bevel cut on the top and eased on the bottom, also very similar to a laminate profile.
  • Bullnose Profile – A fully carved half round profile that is very soft and tactile to the touch. Works well with flowing shapes and decorative cabinets.
  • Ogee Profile – A carved sloping profile that works well with cabinet doors that have detail in their design. Ogee will add flair and sophistication to any countertop.
  • Ogee over Bull – A variation of ogee that gives a small sloping area and provides an extra carved detail. The ultimate in sophistication.
  • Mitered – The profile of the future, a process of laminating stone so that the countertop appears thicker than it is…Very popular with design professionals that want to make an impact. The mitered profile is a craftsman’s edge and does not work well with some stones.
  • Mitered Panels – An accent Panel to the floor from the same material as the countertop. Typically used for islands in high visibility areas.

Laminate Countertops:

  • No Drip – These edges have a rounded top and a square bottom. The bottom keeps spilled liquids flowing downward rather than inward into the cabinets.
  • Waterfall – A great option to complement a modern kitchen style, this edge has a sleek front roll design without the raised No-drip bump.
  • Square Edge – Also known as Self Edge, this style is traditional and very simple with a 90-degree angle at the top and a 90-degree angle at the bottom.
  • Euro – The laminate wraps around the front nose giving added protection. This edge provides more curves and softer flowing lines.

If you have small children, you may want to consider opting for a rounded edge design for your countertop. The outside corner of a rigid countertop can be sharp and potentially dangerous. Particularly if the walk path in your kitchen is a bit narrow, you and your kids can easily bump into sharp corners, which can be quite painful and leave bruises. Having the edges of your countertops rounded can prevent injury and agony.

Looking for granite countertops in Sherwood Park, or perhaps laminate countertops in Edmonton? PF Custom Countertops has an extensive inventory to choose from, including decorative edge designs for granite, decorative edges for laminate, and an array of other countertop materials and decorative edges to go with!

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