A discoloured quartz countertop in Edmonton

Can You Damage Quartz Countertops?

Any time you are looking at the types of countertops out there, you might read that quartz is resilient, durable and possibly even stain-free. While most of these are correct, they are taken too literally.
While installing quartz countertops does mean you have a durable surface that requires little-to-no-maintenance, that does not mean you should allow abuse by using them as a cooling rack, cutting board, or leaving spilled items on the surface to clean up later.
PF Custom Countertops wants you to get the most out of your quartz upgrade, that is why we show you how to care for it, but we also wish to dispel the myths to ensure you understand what your countertops can and cannot handle.

The Truth About Quartz Countertops for Alberta Homeowners

You have installed quartz countertops, and while you have a brilliant, resilient surface, we would like to set the record straight on a few things you might not be aware of – let’s separate myth from fact:

  • Quartz is Stainproof: While most of your quartz is stain resistant, you should know that part of the composition includes a layer of petroleum-based resin and pigment, which can react with certain chemicals and cause stains. For everyday items in the kitchen, you would not encounter these chemicals, but if you use your quartz for hobbies and crafts, you run the risk of stains. Quartz is, however, more stainproof than granite.

  • Quartz is Heat Resistant: When compared to granite, yes quartz countertops are more resilient to heat, but that does not mean you should take something from the oven and place it right on top of the counter. The resin that seals your quartz might discolour with extreme heat.

  • Quartz Does Not Scratch: Quartz is highly durable and nearly indestructible, but we say “nearly,” because there are ways to damage the surface still. While highly scratch resistant, dragging a heavy object across the surface might leave marks. Also, regularly using abrasive pads and cleansers will also etch the surface.

  • All Quartz is Created Equal: Just because it is labeled as “quartz” does not mean that you get the same durability and longevity with all brands. Quartz is a manufactured stone; therefore, the way it is manufactured, and the ratios of each component dramatically affect its durability. Manufacturers use various chemical formulations to create their unique colours, patterns, and finishes, which can all mean a slight variation in strength.

  • Quartz is Too Expensive Compared to Laminate: While quartz is a significant upfront investment to install, when you care for it, it lasts for decades – especially when compared to laminate. Also, the maintenance between quartz and laminate makes quartz the easier option if you do not feel like maintaining your countertop surfaces with daily process steps.


See Quartz Countertops in the Alberta Area at the PF Custom Countertops Showroom

The only way to see if quartz is the right investment choice for you is to come to our showroom at PF Custom Countertops and see them in person. You can look at the various colours and patterns, and also compare the surface’s feel to other natural stone countertops in our showroom.

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