New countertops in a newly renovated Edmonton kitchen

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in New Countertops

Upgrading countertops is almost as significant as buying the home itself. Whatever you choose will be with you for years (if not decades); therefore, you want to make sure you pick the right countertops for the job. Today, you have numerous choices, including granite, natural stone, quartz, and even laminate countertops from Alberta manufacturers. While the choices are plentiful, and the retailers even more so, you can narrow down your options just by asking yourself eight simple questions.

8 Easy Questions to Help You Decide Which Countertops and Retailer are Best for Your Home

Whether you are looking for laminate or natural stone, the countertop choice is just as important as the company you pick to install them. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you pick either:

  1. Does the Retailer Install the Countertops? Some companies serve as middlemen, meaning they can get you the countertops from the manufacturer, and sell them, but do you know if they will install or repair afterwards? It is best to have the same company where you buy the countertop, come in and install the countertop. This ensures proper measurements are taken, but also when the company installs the countertop, you get certain critical guarantees you would not get with multiple parties on the job.
  2. Is there a Showroom? Buying countertops online is not the same as buying in-person. In-person, you can run your hands across the surface to feel the finish of each type of countertop, you can see the specks of reflective material, colour, and patterns that a picture on the internet cannot capture, and you can see how it looks up against cabinetry.
  3. Do You Want Countertops You Have to Seal? When picking the type of countertop, ask the retailer about maintenance. Some require more maintenance, such as sealing the surface each year, while others do not. For example, granite countertops in an Edmonton kitchen need annual sealing, but quartz would not.
  4. Can You Pick the Slab? You might have selected a manufacturer, and the material you want, but can you go in-person and select the slab? No two slabs of granite or marble look the same, and each has subtle details that make it unique. Therefore, picking in person lets you find one that truly speaks to you.
  5. What Countertop Options Does the Retailer Have? At the showroom, how many choices would you have regarding material? You want to see at least natural stone, marble, granite, quartz, laminate, and even butcher block and other solid surfaces so you can get an idea of your options.
  6. What Edge Styles are There? Not only do you have to pick the material, but you also need to select the edge style. These range from bevel edges to unique and decorative edges. A good retailer is one that has multiple edge styles to choose from and even has them on display, so you can see them in the showroom.
  7. Does the Retailer Tell You How to Maintain Your Countertops? Every countertop type has specific maintenance needs. Therefore, the retailer should educate you about how to care for them after you purchase, but also discuss caring for them while you are shopping so you can pick a countertop that suits your lifestyle as well as the intended application.
  8. Is there an Installation Warranty? Countertops are a significant upfront investment and one that you would like reassurance on. Ask about the company’s installation warranty before you purchase your countertop. Not all companies have warranties for their installations.

Come to Your Local Countertop Showroom to See Granite, Natural Stone, Marble, Laminate, and Quartz Countertops in the Alberta Area

At PF Custom Countertops, we understand it is hard to not only pick out a countertop style and material but find the right company to do the work. Our team is respected as professionals in the Greater Edmonton area, and we offer a one-year warranty on all installation work done by our company. We even have a showroom in Edmonton so you can see our countertops in person! We are here to help you pick a counter, and also advise you on how to maintain it so that you can keep it looking as good as new for decades.

Contact us online or call us toll-free at 1-888-484-0831 to learn more about our natural stone, granite, and laminate countertops in the Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, and the Alberta areas.

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