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8 Common Mistakes When Planning Your Kitchen

No one wants to associate the word “mistake” with planning their kitchen. While each person’s tastes and preferences will differ a little bit, there are some things we can all agree are mistakes. The last thing anyone wants is a kitchen that looks like the final battleground between plaids and polka dots; or something that’s so sterile that you’d be afraid to spill even breadcrumbs!

Fortunately, there’s always a happy medium. At PF Custom Countertops, we think this starts with the countertops (we may be a little biased). It also involves avoiding certain universal mistakes that can stop a kitchen design before it even has a chance to become pleasing.

What Exactly Should You Avoid?

These 8 common kitchen mistakes cover the basics, but you should always commit to developing a complete plan with professional help before starting your remodel:

1. Shortchanging Your Storage Space
The kitchen is the one place in your house that you can never have too much storage space. You need to store food, cooking supplies, linens, and every little thing necessary to prepare and display your cooking wiles. Whether you love prepping 4 course meals or barely know how to use a microwave, neglecting to include enough storage will eventually cause you some serious problems.

2. Not Respecting Your Workspace
The infamous kitchen triangle allows you access to all your necessary food prep areas. This takes you from the fridge to the sink, and to the stove with very little backtracking. Always plan your kitchen layout for practical use. It’ll pay off when you need to cook while hungry eyes of all ages look at you expectantly!

3. Inadequate Counter Space
The kitchen is the heart of the home. You should be able to sit at the counter and have a heartfelt conversation in one section, while you lay out all your dry ingredients for a festive meal in another. Not having enough counter space can be an absolute disaster!

4. Poor Ventilation
We all know that your oven needs a ventilation hood and that other areas should have access to windows; but additional ventilation can be helpful. Speak with a professional to figure out just how much ventilation is necessary for your specific needs.

5. Insufficient Lighting
Let there be light! Without adequate lighting, it’s easy to make mistakes. From reading recipes to carefully inspecting the quality of certain foods, you’ll need to have enough light. Look for recessed lighting combined with overhead and countertop options.

6. Forgetting to Properly Place Drawers
Many of us have spent time in retro kitchens sporting drawers that open into the refrigerator. Or ones that prevent us from accessing something when they are open. When redesigning your kitchen, pay attention to the way that drawers will work with the rest of the space to prevent issues with logistics.

7. Don’t Over-emphasize the Island
Kitchen islands are fantastic but getting one that’s too large or too small can have a negative impact on your space. If it is so big that you can’t move or so small that it is not usable, then you will be making a huge mistake. Measure and mark it with tape and try moving around that area for a few days before settling on a size.

8. Choosing Price over Quality
This happens when you choose what you believe is a cost-friendly option instead of high-end cabinets or countertops. The products fall apart and the value isn’t good enough to justify any purchase. Always buy quality materials.

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