7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Countertops Without Realizing

When you invest in a new countertop, you want to be sure it lasts a long time. While they’re made to withstand regular cleaning, food preparation and much more, your kitchen and bathroom countertops aren’t invincible. Here are seven common ways Edmonton homeowners may be damaging their work surfaces without realizing.

1. Too much weight. Your countertops are only built to withstand so much weight. Excessive weight from heavy appliances, standing on the counter or just too much stuff can cause your countertops to bend and crack. Don’t store too much on the counter and above all, never stand on it.

2. Harsh cleaning products. Cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia can degrade any protective coating on your countertops and cause them to lose their lustre. Natural stone counters are especially affected by this. Soap and water are more than enough to keep them clean.

3. Hot pots and pans. Placing hot pots and pans directly on the counter can cause burns, discolouration and even cracks on some materials. The same goes for heat-producing appliances like slow cookers and electric pressure cookers. Always put a trivet or hot pad between your counter and hot surfaces.

4. Not using a cutting board. You should never chop or cut food directly on the counter, even if it’s made of butcherblock wood. The knife’s blade can and will scratch the surface, which can damage the surface.

5. Acidic substances. Things like lemon juice, wine, vinegar and tomato sauce can all leave their trace on your countertops. The acidity in these substances can eat away at the surface of the material and create etching or staining that can’t be removed. Wipe up spills of all kinds as soon as possible.

6. Working in the same space. Always preparing your food on the same part of your counter can create uneven wear and tear. Alternate where you get dinner ready to keep your countertops looking uniform.

7. Direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can cause your counters to lose their lustre or become discoloured. Protect your investment by closing the blinds or curtains instead of letting the sun stream in.

Ready to Upgrade your Countertops?

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