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6 Tips to MIX and Match Your Countertops


An increasingly popular trend among designers and homeowners is to use more than one countertop material in the kitchen to create a dynamic and functional space. If you’re not sure how to make this mix-and-match style work in your home, here are six tips to guarantee a beautiful kitchen.


1.     Pay attention to patterns

Two materials with busy patterns will clash in the small space of a kitchen. If you choose a slab of granite or quartz with significant veining or a bold motif, pair it with a material that has a solid colour or subtle pattern.


2.     Pair dark with light

If the majority of your countertop space is pale, a dark material provides a great contrast. Look to your cabinets and backsplash to enhance this design choice. Navy or black cabinets look great with light-toned counters, while a white or pastel backsplash can highlight dark, moody countertops.


3.     Make the island an accent piece

If your kitchen has room to accommodate an island, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a beautiful slab of granite or marble with spectacular veining. Alternatively, if you love the look and feel of butcher block but worry about excessive moisture around the sink, reserve this material for the island where it’ll be safe and act as a focal point.


4.     Mix materials

If you can’t decide between two very different countertop options, consider choosing both. Solid surface, quartz, natural stone and laminate can all be mixed and matched to great effect.


5.     Keep the tone in mind

One way to ensure your countertops look good together is to choose materials with the same tone, either cool or warm. For example, if you’re drawn to a slab of granite that features cool grey veins, match it with a solid grey, white or black material to create a cohesive palette.


6.     Incorporate accent colours

Make your countertop choices feel more intentional by tying them together with one or two accent colours. These can be featured in the decorations, plumbing and lighting fixtures or cabinet hardware.


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