5 Must-Know Tips for Cleaning Your Marble Countertops without Scratching

Marble countertops are one of those beautiful, traditional additions to kitchens and bathrooms. They are elegant, and they certainly add value. However, marble countertops do require specialized care compared to other types of natural stone surfaces. After you install marble countertops in Edmonton, you must know how to clean them properly without etching or scratching the surface.

With these tips, you can keep your marble countertops sparkling like new, and preserve their finish for years.

Expert Tips for Maintaining Marble Counter Surfaces
To protect, maintain, and keep your marble surfaces clean, use these tips so that you do so the right way.

Here are five items to remember when cleaning marble or natural stone surfaces:

• Seal the Surface - When installing natural stone countertops in Fort Saskatchewan, the installer should seal the surface. If not, apply a top-quality penetrating sealer to protect the marble surface. Ask your retailer if your type of marble requires sealing, since some do not.
• Blot Spills - If you spill on your marble surface, blot it up carefully. Marble is highly sensitive to acidic substances, like juices, coffee, and wine. These dull and etch into the surface, so blotting them will prevent scrubbing against the marble finish. Also, blot up water spills immediately. Hard water can dull the finish of your marble. Water drops and water rings from glasses can also form on the surface if you do not wipe them up quickly.
• Use Soft Cleaning Instruments - Never use a harsh cleaning pad or brush. Instead, use a sponge or soft cloth.
• Exclusive Marble Cleansers - Do not use harsh chemicals, especially bleach. Instead, opt for a cleanser that is specially formulated for marble counters. Never use all-natural cleaners with ammonia, vinegar, lemon or orange. These will etch the surface and dull the finish.
• Dust or Wipe Regularly - Keep dust from resting on the surface by using a clean, dry duster for your marble counters only.

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