Wheatgrass being turned into a smoothie on a custom countertop

5 Countertop Garden Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertop gardens are a refreshing way to bring an organic design idea to your space. Not only are they capable of producing great mini-crops to enhance your favorite dishes, they can also be customised to fit your style. Start with any of these 5-countertop garden ideas and grow from there!

  1. Countertop Herbs: There’s nothing quite like adding herbs directly from the plant. With the right type of garden just a few inches from your prep area, you can take advantage of ingredients that are truly fresh. You can purchase kits specifically designed for certain tastes or plant your favorite ingredients for a more custom approach.
  2. Hydroponic Greens: Hydroponic gardens are intimidating for people who aren’t acquainted with the process, but they’re not as difficult as they seem. These are great setups for your favorite greens and can produce a salad that takes organic to the next level. You can research hydroponic kits online or try your hand at creating your very own.
  3. Fairy Gardens Add Colour: Fairy gardens are colourful and whimsical, often complete with tiny sculptures, crystals, or other natural components. These have become increasingly trendy, and some savvy decorators are integrating them into their countertop herb gardens. They also make a great decorative addition to your counterspace when you want something that’s both eye-catching and truly unique.
  4. No Light? No Problem! If you really want to add a countertop garden but don’t have a good source of natural light, don’t worry! Artificial light sources can use LED setups to grow healthy plants year-round. You can also customize your LED colours to create an organic experience that ties in with the rest of your kitchen design. Ask about adding LED lights during your custom counter installation!
  5. Canned Gardens: This is an idea for those who want to keep it simple and quaint. Save your cans in varying sizes and choose a variety of greens and herbs that you’d like to grow. Using fertilizer rich potting soil, plant your seeds in carefully labeled cans and watch them sprout on your countertop. Some people enjoy using ribbon or more creative means to decorate the cans and to tie them into the rest of the design scheme.

The only limit to your countertop garden is your space and creativity. This is a project that can be both fun and rewarding for those who want to bring something a little different to their space.

Find the Perfect Countertop for Your Garden
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