2017 Countertop and Kitchen Trends to Watch

Countertop and kitchen trends are always changing. Just like clothes and fashion, kitchen design trends also come and go.

The days of sleek, ultra-modern finishes are fading, while traditional and even rustic styles are emerging. Whether you are upgrading to granite countertops in your Sherwood Park home or looking to add fixtures that fit a growing trend, staying on top of these notable trends is key. By knowing what is “in” or “out”, you can plan your new kitchen installation or remodel efficiently and have fun doing it.

What's Hot in Kitchen and Countertop Design for 2017?

The goal of any remodel is to bring in the trends of that year, but also keep the kitchen future-proof. After all, you do not want to incur the costs of renovating your kitchen every five years.

Here are just some “hot” trends in kitchens today that also promise to remain in vogue for a few years:

  • Hidden Storage - Hidden storage compartments that are on the countertop is one growing trend. When you order marble countertops in Edmonton, you can have pop-up outlets installed or small holes for trash disposal.
  • Hidden Appliances - Appliances are integrating increasingly into the kitchen design. Instead of a flashy stainless steel refrigerator, more homeowners opt for a kitchen that has a cabinet-fronted appliance to look more cohesive with the rest of the room design.
  • Less Speckled Granite - A growing trend in countertops is less use of granite and more use of quartz countertops in Edmonton homes as well as other natural stone finishes.
  • Brighter Paints - Today, kitchens are about being bigger and brighter looking. More kitchens now use lighter blues, greens, and the use of white, and skip darker colours.
  • Wooden Countertops - In addition to natural stone countertops in St. Albert homes, more homeowners are using a butcher’s block for their islands or the entire kitchen counter space. These surfaces are cost-effective and add warmth to the kitchen.
  • Backsplashes - Backsplashes are still used in today’s kitchen. They can spruce up an outdated kitchen and add a pop of colour where the kitchen is lacking. Materials for backsplashes vary, but the hottest ones include metal, glass and marble tiles.

Take Advantage of the Trends and Find Your Kitchen Accents

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