Commercial Countertops for Mass Production and Rental Units

3 Points to Consider Before You Purchase PF Custom Countertops
Here are a few tips for industry professionals and property managers to think about when shopping for countertops:
• Your Clientele: Always consider your intended clientele when shopping for countertops. Is your design team mass-producing luxury homes in St. Albert? If so, countertops made of natural stone – such as granite countertops or marble countertops – could be the best choice. If you need to equip several rental units with countertops that are durable and require very little maintenance, then granite or solid surface countertops might suit your needs perfectly. To produce rental homes for high-end clients, you might consider custom countertops made of quartz. Quartz is eco-friendly, versatile, and attractive, making it an appealing option for renters who can afford to be discerning.
• Higher Profits: When you use high quality materials, it affects your bottom line in a positive way. By investing in countertop materials such as marble and granite, you will attract clients who expect excellence – and you can then charge accordingly for the end products. Even in rental units that are not high end, using higher end materials can be a wise decision; you will not need to replace or repair the countertops as often as you would cheaper products – and by making bulk purchases, you can benefit from economies of scale.
• Durability: One of the top features of natural stone and similar materials for countertops is their durability. Granite is relatively easy to maintain, so it may be ideal for rental units. Marble requires a bit more maintenance than granite, but it’s a natural material that looks elegant and gorgeous when used to create countertops; thus, it could be ideal if you are building luxury homes for homeowners who won’t mind having their countertops maintained or repaired periodically. Quartz is technically an engineered material that replicates natural stone. It is versatile and appealing, and it does not require a great deal of maintenance, so it could serve a wide variety of clients quite well. Many laminate countertops are also made to resemble natural materials, and they make sturdy options that do not need much maintenance.

When you need quality commercial countertops in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, PF Custom Countertops is here to help. We can guide you through the process of selecting materials, and we will help you choose the bulk order sizes that fit your project requirements.

Browse our extensive range of natural stone countertops, as well as our quartz countertops and other countertop surfaces. Contact PF Custom Countertops at 888-484-0831, or contact us online for information about custom commercial countertops and all of your countertop needs.

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